One large cheese pizza

So, one of my two actors with speaking lines got sick Sunday morning, and we couldn’t find a replacement. We’ll be filming Abby’s video for class this Sunday instead. I felt pretty bad because Brad told me she baked a whole bunch of food for yesterday’s shoot to thank me for helping her out. Not to mention she’d made it to Cambridge before getting my message. Trying to do nice things for people will make you feel like a terrible person, as it turns out. The guilt…

I have been on the iPhone diet for over a month now and I have not lost more than that initial five pounds. I keep gaining and losing the same two pounds over and over, despite working out three four days a week and reducing my caloric intake to 1,500. I have a feeling it’s because I am cheating on the weekends, although I would think I would still be losing more despite that. Anyway. I am committed to trying harder, starting this morning. Brandon and I cleaned out our fridge over the weekend and bought only healthy groceries, but there’s still some (non-diet) pop left over from the meeting at my dad’s house that I have to resist. I did a very poor job resisting it (and a good deal of a large cheese pizza) over the weekend. Maybe I shouldn’t be so shocked about my lack of progress.

I got to get all dressed up for a gala on Saturday night. I was asked to do some freelance photography for a big environmental organization and they paid for my ticket to the dinner event. I took Brandon with me and we got to eat some good food and meet some really nice people. Sadly, we forgot to ask anyone to take our picture together, so the best I can do is a photo Brandon took of my hair, which I did myself for the night. Afterward, we went to the R Bar in the Arena District for Christine’s birthday party. We only stayed an hour or so and left around 10:30, and being near Nationwide Arena made me think of and miss my favorite hockey fans Doug and Chandra, so I called Chandra on the way home. I found out she applied to nursing school and has told her work she’ll be leaving at the end of the year. I am happy for her. She has had a hard time finding what she wants to do as a career, something I can relate to after years of being so sure. I told her I think she’ll be a great nurse; she is a good motivator and I can see her making people work hard to get better.

Thanksgiving is next week and Brandon and I will be going to Chicago like we did last year. I am very much looking forward to it. Last year, it was just me, Brandon, his brother and his dad, but this year since his mom is done with nursing school, she’ll be coming too, as well as Brandon’s other brother and sister-in-law. The gang’s all there! We might get to go see Second City, which is basically a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to see them, since they are considered a huge starting point for future stars of SNL.

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