I immediately regret this decision

I’m very sad that just yesterday I promised my half dozen readers that I would be posting my weight loss/gain progress/regress because today I got an unpleasant surprise. Earlier this week I saw that I had lost seven pounds over all, but that number has been reduced, as of this morning, back to five. That five… I can’t seem to move beyond it. Grrrr. I’ve been working on this since Oct. 12 and next week is Thanksgiving. But, losing five sure is better than gaining five more, and it’s a start. Yesterday I was on the elliptical machine for 50 minutes, and burned round 600 calories. You don’t do that three to four days a week and not lose anything, so I just have to keep at it.

Off to Cincinnati tonight. Tomorrow I am going to my friend Becca’s bachelorette party at our friend Rachael’s house. Then on Sunday, it’s attempt #2 on Abby’s video. We will have one hour to shoot it, as it has turned out, with everyone’s busy schedules. I am really going to have to keep everyone on task, including myself.