As of this morning, those 10 pounds from the summer of 2009 are gone. I know it’s not Friday, but God only knows what I’ll weigh then and I wanted to make sure I got my smug bragging in before it all collapsed around me. Ten pounds in two months… slow but steady, I suppose.

On Friday I’ll be doing the last of my online shopping for Christmas, and Saturday I’ll finish all the in-store shopping. It’s sad; I’ve been shopping a lot since Thanksgiving, but I haven’t bought a lot of Christmas presents. For other people. People who aren’t me. Ughhh. At least I have lots of ideas.

I have next week, the week of Christmas, off from work. I’ll be going to my hometown that Monday to see some high school friends and catch up. My uncle who lives out in California will be flying in Tuesday night, I think, so it will be nice to see him again. We’ll be spending Christmas and Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle’s, as we have since 2007. We have always gone to their house for presents and lunch on or near Christmas Eve, but it is very nice of them to include my dad and me on Christmas Day. While I was happy to practically skip over Thanksgiving with new traditions that in no way resembled the old ones, I still like Christmas time at my aunt and uncle’s house. That’s a nice feeling. I’m thinking about making those red velvet cake balls dipped in chocolate again. My aunt joked I’d better bring those to Christmas after she liked them so much at my sister-in-law’s baby shower this past summer.