A while ago I mentioned a couple of my actors who are involved in a local improv troupe, “See You Thursday”. They performed a couple shows at Wild Goose Creative last month and I caught their Dec. 18 gig. It was about an hour long, pseudo-holiday themed and highly entertaining. I talked to one of the guys after and told him how much fun it looked like they were having. He encouraged me to sign up for the intro class they’ll be teaching, starting January 9. On an improv high, I agreed that this would be a spectacular idea.

Long story short, I start a six week class on beginner improvisational performance this Saturday.

Normally this is the point where I’d try to drag every one of you down, *ahem*,  encourage you all to come with me, but I seriously think if there was anyone there I knew I would vomit on stage. However, I am happy to blog my exploits here for you to be entertained by, and for you to feel extremely awkward and sorry for me. We used to do “Improv Night” at the BACCHUS House in college and play games from “Who’s Line” and I was terrible at that. Hopefully in a class setting I will actually learn something about improv before going anywhere near a spotlight. At the end of the class, there’s a two-day work shop in February with actors from the Annoyance theater in Chicago, which sounds pretty awesome. Hopefully I’ll be feeling somewhat more confident by then.

It’s been a while since I had a regular thing to blog about besides my weight and writer’s block, so let’s consider this a good thing, shall we?