Woo hoo!

Over the holidays, a couple of very awesome people agreed to marry each other. B.C. (see under “The Usual Suspects”) popped the question to my former roomie and college buddy Christina. On a cruise! She was blindsided. The story sounded very exciting and the way they told their family adorable: They gift wrapped the frame seen below for their respective families to open at Christmas.

This scrapbooking extraordinaire already has her Save The Date (STD) cards taken care of

I met up with the bride-to-be after work last night to hear all about the planning thus far, and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I’m pretty excited to get to be a part of their big day. Not to mention the dress that comes along with the whole package is super cute. Last night I thanked Christina for not putting us in hideous dresses, as brides are sometimes wont to do.

Congrats to B.C. and Christina! Let the count down begin.