A late weigh-in

I forgot to weigh in Friday, but there’s not much change from then to today. At the moment I am sitting at about 12 pounds lost. So, no loss last week, but luckily I didn’t gain too much either, which is amazing, since I went crraazzzy over the weekend. As in, order take out from Insomnia Cookies AND Eggfast crazy. Yeah.

I start week three of Couch to 5k this week. I had to re-do Week 2 after doing that weird thing to my back. From what I have read, appropriate running shoes will likely solve that problem. I was going to buy a pair over the weekend but it didn’t work out. Instead, this weekend/yesterday I spent a lot of time with Brandon around the house. We went to a game night on Saturday with some of our Xenos friends and played this hilarious game called Telephone Pictionary or something. You write a phrase and pass it to the person next to you. Then they draw a picture illustrating your phrase and pass it down. The next person writes a phrase interpreting the picture, and this goes on until everyone’s had a hand in everyone else’s original phrase. Just try it, it’s hysterical.

Yesterday, after a visit with my family at Owen and Jamie’s place, I went to David’s Bridal for the first time in my life to try on a bridesmaid dress for Christina’s wedding. That place is nothing but dresses and mirrors. I actually couldn’t find Christina at first because I got so turned around in there. While we waited it was fun watching women try on wedding dresses and making catty remarks under our breath. Okay, maybe that was just me. Some of them looked so beautiful though, and I wanted to tell them, yes! Get that one, my God.

Last night Christina sent out a front-and-back page newsletter to the bridal party with information about how to order our dresses, where/when the wedding and reception are, a “Meet the other bridesmaids” piece (with pictures!) and stuff like that. I didn’t know she had such a talent for graphic design and layout! It was done in the wedding colors, which is nice, because now I can keep an eye out for stuff in that particular shade of pink or yellow.

One thought on “A late weigh-in

  1. I must admit, I am not as talented as you think! I used MS Publisher to make the newsletter, so I started with a template, and modified it a little. Thanks though! 🙂

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