My life will suck without you

Today is the last day of work for a woman in my department. Ever since I started, I began being trained to be her back up for all her duties pertaining to our company’s web site. She used to make jokes about how I’d need to be ready for the day she won the lottery and never came back. Or she’d joke about getting hit by a bus. Now, as it turns out, I was being prepared for the day she got a different job, which, quite frankly, was the last of the three possibilities I’d have thought possible. She’s been here for years and is extremely passionate about what she does.

She is also the person at work that I get along with best. At SNP, Eileen and I bonded over our walks around the building and I missed that when I left there. My co-worker here had just started taking walks with me this summer, and while we weren’t as consistent as Eileen and me, it was nice to be able to take a break with someone at work – or go out to eat somewhere once in while rather than eat at my desk.

I brought her a bottle of wine and one of her favorite candy bars as parting gifts this morning. Until her replacement is hired, I will be performing her job on top of my own. It took us nearly three months to replace our graphic designer after she left in August (and gave us two months’ notice of her plans). The next several weeks of my life are going to suckkkkk.

Also, I need to make some more work friends. How does one do that, exactly?