Trouble comes in threes and fours

So remember how, on New Year’s Day, we were very surprised to find water dripping into our tub from our ceiling? That was the first of many, many calls to our maintenance guy for the year.

While the ceiling thing seems to have been mysteriously resolved, despite no outward appearance of action being taken, this didn’t seem to matter as much when our water was shut off one Sunday. We called our guy, who said he was 90 percent sure it was a water company problem. For about an hour I was entirely convinced our landlord had not been paying our water bill for months and months, and I was swearing up and down to move at the first chance possible, much to Brandon’s delight. However, I was jumping to conclusions. There really was a water main break in Clintonville that day, so our bills were being paid after all.

One night last week, Brandon and I were playing EA Active on the Wii and did a really hard work out. So it wasn’t until much later that we realized our apartment was freezing. We kept turning up the heat, but it never kicked on. Once again, we called our guy, who sent the landlord immediately to fix it, which he did. They’re good people after all. We thought that would be the last we’d see of either of them for a long while. Until yesterday. Oh, yesterday.

That’s when our sink decided to flood our kitchen. The sink had been somewhat clogged for a couple days, so yesterday Brandon bought some Drain-O. We used it, but it didn’t seem to work. Our friend Adam suggested we try plunging it. I did, and THAT worked. However, as a result the water began gushing out of a leak in the pipes below, flooding the bottom of the inside of the cabinet down there and seeping onto the floor. I yelled for help, and Brandon put a giant serving dish under the pipes to catch the water. He called our biggest fan, who said he’d have a look as soon as possible. He also told us to never use Drain-O again because, despite it being intended to unclog drains, it wreaks havoc on plumbing. All I can tell you is the fumes are nauseating.

We’ve seen these guys a lot in the past few weeks. They are returning our calls and getting stuff done, so I can’t complain after all. They’re probably getting pretty tired of us at this point, of course.