Mid week catching up

There’s a couple reasons I’m not devoting a whole, long post to my third improv class. First, it wasn’t as good as the previous two; also, it’s Magazine Week and I am spread thin both at work and at home.

Bill was out of town, so we had a sub. It was another guy from the troupe, and God love him, he was a nice guy, but the odds were against him Saturday. First of all, he brought his younger brother along for support. The two of them were worse than an old married couple; they “playfully” bossed each other around and bickered in front of the class until it reached such a heated point that the sub took his brother aside to talk to him privately. We waited in silence until he came back. The brother was not seen again for the rest of the afternoon.

Also, the class managed to talk him out of reviewing Laban Movement from the last class because no one liked it. I didn’t much like it either, so I am not complaining. But it was very reminiscent of high school, when we would try to convince substitute teachers to let us have a day off and promise not to tell.

We basically didn’t learn any new material, but instead did a series of two person scenes and some word association warm up games. This would have been fine, except it was just an off day. I was off. Other people were off. I froze on stage for the first time because I was in a scene about basketball involving two women who quickly exhausted all their knowledge of basketball and related references. And, for some reason, maybe because we all knew Bill wouldn’t be there, at least four people didn’t come to class that day. I hope they come back, because now I am afraid every week will suck in their absence.

In other news, I was very bad and only went to the gym once last week. Sorry friends – I like meeting up with you on week nights and all, but you’re really cutting in to my selfish work out time. Just kidding. It was great to see so many people last week. I went to the gym last night and did an hour of cardio between the treadmill and the elliptical. This was promptly followed by eating a burrito bowl, since Brandon still had money on a Chipotle gift card. It was a little counter productive, but today’s looking up.

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