I’ll see you in court

Well, hopefully not. I’m being summoned for jury duty for two weeks starting March 22. Have you ever had jury duty? Do they really need you that whole two weeks? Should I bring a book to read? I mean, are we talking a lot of down time or will I be in a court room all day? I’ve talked to one person who had a first hand experience and a couple people who know second hand, and it sounds like I won’t know all the answers to these questions until I get there.

I am really hoping I’ll get to work on my screenplay during that two weeks. If I can, it might not be so bad.

In the mean time, I’ve got a show to do. I’m on stage in less than two hours, and there will be family members there to document the event. This makes me feel good and bad, all at the same time. Thanks, family!

2 thoughts on “I’ll see you in court

  1. You will be there the whole two weeks.

    A book is good; working on a screenplay is better.

    I heard that they provide computers for use, but since you’re in a pool, computer time may be limited to “Can I check my email real quick?”.

    I would suggest calling and asking if you can bring a laptop.

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