My improv debut

I was so nervous on Tuesday evening I could hardly stand it. I was more nervous then than I could recall feeling before any of the plays I did in college, and there were a lot more people I knew in the audience at each of those then there were the other night. The difference is those memorized lines and cues; going up on stage without a thought in your head as to what will happen next is terrifying. It can also be invigorating, if a scene happens to go well. If it tanks, you have to put it out of your mind and brace yourself for going up again. The most you can hope for is to end on a high note. Fortunately, I did, in my own opinion.

Calling a report in on a very ugly dog

I’m not sure how many scenes I did, but we performed for 50 minutes. Once we got started, I almost completely forgot to feel nervous, and tried to enjoy whatever scene was going on at the moment. My uncle was there like I mentioned, and afterward, he told me I had a very expressive face. He’d noticed this in my plays in college, he said, and the trait carried over into my improv. I was surprised when he also said I was gesturing more than a lot of people; I couldn’t tell you what I was doing with my arms after a scene, because I am still so unaware of my own movement, so I assumed I was staying as stiff as I felt most of the time.

I honestly don't remember which scene this was

I think in the above photo I resemble Kristen Wiig’s least funny SNL character:

It's Gilly x 2

Hahaha, I act like I actually watch SNL often enough to know all of her characters. No, really; I love Wiig, but Gilly is super annoying. On a total side note, Lilly Allison said she rarely watches SNL, and if she does, it’s because she accidentally happened across it on TV on Saturday night. I couldn’t believe it.