Jury duty begins

Today is my first day of jury duty. I will be here for the next two weeks, waiting to be put on a jury for municipal court. We had an orientation this morning, and it sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Yeah, you have to wait in a room for two weeks and you may never see a court room, but you can also take tours of the Statehouse and the Ohio Supreme Court, and they have speakers come in and educate you about different government offices. Okay, that last thing sounds pretty boring, but the walking tours could be nice. They also said they’ll be showing movies in the room, and I’ve got my laptop here. I am also working from here, so my boss will be sending me stuff I can do online, since this week is a pretty hectic week for me to be out. But, duty calls.

There’s two really nice people working here who make it clear that you are very much appreciated, and that they will do their best to accommodate you in any way. There’s a sweet cafeteria here, and they said the famous Katzinger’s Deli is close by. If I get on a trial, I won’t need to report until the afternoon on trial days. Everyone has to be here every day for the whole two weeks regardless if they sit on a jury or not.

In other news, Birthday Weekend was a huge success. I had dinner Saturday with a bunch of friends Saturday night, after a day of shopping and treating myself to a hair cut. I love the cut; they sort of thinned out my hair so it’s still as long as it was, but it’s curlier and the layers I have are more noticeable. Anyway. It was a really good day. A bunch of Caldwell people hung out late that night and my good high school friend Cindy took me out to breakfast Sunday morning. Later I went to see “Crazy Heart” with Owen and Eileen, and after coffee at Cup O’ Joe, I had dinner with my family at my aunt and uncle’s. My dad surprised me by coming to their house all the way from Caldwell just to see me on my birthday. It was a great surprise, and yes, I really was surprised! And “Crazy Heart” was so good. I recommend it.

And at the 11th hour, health care reform passed in the U.S. House on my birthday. Hooray! Here’s to turning 24.