The tax man cometh, and taketh away

I accept that by complaining about this, I will reveal the fact that I am only now, the first week of April, doing my taxes. But I am so distressed by the news that I will be PAYING taxes instead of receiving a nice refund for the first year ever that I simply must share it with you.


The federal government couldn’t possibly need my $114 that badly, could they? I kid. They need all the taxes they can get, this I know. That doesn’t mean I’m not still severely depressed. Does this mean I will never get a refund again? Am I making too much money for America’s tastes? Is this the first step on the way to becoming a Republican? Goodness. So much to be concerned about right now.

5 thoughts on “The tax man cometh, and taketh away

  1. I have 3 specifically different comments… to 3 different posts:

    1. I started doing our taxes… in February. I have 2 more statements to go through before I have to finish, but I’m just now realizing that I have one week left. Yikes!

    2. I LOVE Melt Bar & Grilled!!! Amazing. If you care about sandwiches at all, it will probably melt your face off. One time we waited for a table for over a half hour on a Thursday afternoon at 2.

    3. I also love all of the music you listed off in a previous post… I get Matisyahu stuck in my head in the most random, funny times. Also, I love the rest of it!

    4. So I lied about 3. I also love your hanging closet organizer. 🙂

  2. … I meant that I lied about having 3 comments. I just realized that #4 could read that I didn’t really like your music taste… but I do. Just sayin.

    • You have good musical tastes. 😉

      I am extremely psyched for Melt, I’ve heard so much about it for months now. It sounds like an exceptionally blog worthy experience. This may turn into a grilled cheese devotee blog afterward.

  3. I’m going to Melt in a few weeks (I think) for a staff retreat, HA! (…to Cleveland Art Museum & other fun places.)

    Meryl, I’m thankful we have that $800 credit this year — Joe and I would have owed SOOO much more!

    But yes–writing that check stinks…

    • Jessie, I feel rotten complaining about my measly $114. I forgot you had a rougher tax year than most. Thank God for that credit! I got a $400 one, so yeah, at least I’m not paying over $500 in taxes like I could be.

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