Screenwriting update

Work on “Rush Week” (tentative title of my first feature-length screenplay) continues slowly but surely. My draft is somehow spread out over several Google, Celtx and Word documents, and random lines of dialogue and partially written scenes are hastily typed in the “notes” section on my iPhone. It’s a mess. However, I’ve been frequently adding to and fleshing out the outline I wrote about last month and even sent it to another human being (gasp!) for comment.

I also finally sat down and wrote a one-page treatment of the script. The day after I did that, I saw a treatment contest online being sponsored by Sixth Borough Screenplay, an organization I follow on Facebook and Twitter. The top prize is $1,000, some screenwriting software and a sit-down conversation with a Hollywood insider and author of “Mind Your Business: A Hollywood Literary Agent’s Guide To Your Writing Career.” Anyway, since I’ve already written the treatment I may as well enter. In the rules section they “highly recommend” you register your treatment with the Writers Guild of America, so that will be interesting. Here is the form to do so, and each registration is $20. You don’t have to be a member to register your work.

So, I know I didn’t reach my goal of completing a screenplay during the winter of 2009-2010. That sucks. But, I am not giving up on myself so easy. Yeah, I was cold and lazy and hibernating all winter, but now I’ve got loads of time on my hands and some motivation. I’m finishing this screenplay, dang it. And I know once it’s done I’ll have some eager readers, right? Ha. On that note, shoot me an e-mail if you are willing to look over my treatment. If it’s not interesting as a one-page read, it’s probably not going to be interesting as a 90-page screenplay, so I need some early guidance.

One thought on “Screenwriting update

  1. What’s your target audience? Are you looking for a commercial “hit” or just seeing if there’s an audience for your message?
    If you need to expand your world, you might want to think about who exactly you’d like to have read your script. Will your audience be your age? Your dad’s age? Tall? Married? Precocious? (Hannah might be interested in eating your script).

    Think about it, let all of us know.

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