Well THAT was awesome

My weekend visiting The Cleve was everything I had hoped and more. The occasion calls for a photo montage.

Four ladies heading out on the town

First: Jessi, the lady we were celebrating with and for, with the theme, "Moving On"

Also, Jessi's roommate Jess, who apparently went to my college yet whom I have no recollection of; she is awesome, as it turns out

Liz, another Muskingum friend

And finally, me. You know me, right?

We did some shopping Saturday afternoon and then went to Coventry, an area of Cleveland I’d never been to before. We ate at the Winking Lizard and then went to Panini’s for the rest of the night. On Sunday, we went to Melt for lunch as I said we would, and oh my God, it’s just as amazing as I was led to believe. Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long to be seated next time though, phew.

Some random lines from the weekend:

“I don’t believe in virtual tacos.”
“You’re my favorite!”
“I can feel it in my ears!”
“There’s a dead Rob in my stock pot?”
“I don’t think they make black alpacas. Hey, its not like they make them in a factory somewhere and ship them to Targets all over the world! Then when they don’t have any you can be like, ‘Why don’t you have any in stock?!’ ”

(Maybe you just had to be there.)

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