Not bad for a Monday

Meet Candy

Have I told you about Candy? She’s awesome. A force to be reckoned with, I met Candy last summer when I was filming my web series. She showed up to be an extra in the job fair episode, but she came back for a crucial role as the mother of one insane bridezilla in my favorite episode, “I Do, She Did.” We have been friends ever since.

She worked as a guidance counselor for a local college, only to be laid off when the economy went south. The irony! What does a laid off guidance counselor do? Start a new career. Candy used her vast knowledge to apply for every grant she could and is now going to school full time. She is taking classes I am extremely envious of, like cinematography, Screenwriting 101 and more. Tonight she took me out for a belated birthday dinner and we talked about what she’s been doing. She offered to share her class notes with me and I agreed to help her with a short she has to make by the end of the quarter. We have a good friendship, Candy and I, and we share a mutual love and respect for the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

After dinner at Aladdin’s with Candy, I went to Kafe Kerouac because I read online about a writers group that meets there on Monday nights. I met Mike, the owner, and original member of said group, which has been meeting for at least six years. He told me they are all writing different things, and that once a month they all do a writing assignment together to bring to the next meeting. The example he showed me looked pretty intense; they were each challenged to come up with an idea for a TV show and map out every episode for a whole season. That’s something that would have taken me a lot longer than a week to do with that science fiction pilot idea I had a few months ago.

I’d seen Mike before at the cafe; I used to go there and wait for my laundry to dry. In fact, I once tried to get Mike’s permission to film the coffee shop scene from “Paper Cuts” at his place but I could never get a hold of him. It all worked out in the end though, and at one point tonight he did mention he’s allowed several film crews on the premises.

There’s four core members of the group, and then some people join for a while before moving on. Everyone brings a single copy of whatever they’d like feedback on (short stories, essays, poems, even plays) and everyone marks the same copy. “Saves paper,” Mike explained simply.

I enjoyed meeting several new people and hearing their ideas. I tried to give helpful comments in writing. I brought ten copies of my treatment and got some helpful remarks; even the questions they asked were beneficial because I saw I left some pretty important details out of my treatment. I might bring my outline next time. We’ll see.

The Kafe is the closest coffee shop to where I live, so you can’t beat that. I walked down with my laptop and worked on some stuff while I waited for the group to meet. I might even start going there instead of Cup O’ Joe…? I’m talking crazy here. Anyway. I’m already looking forward to next Monday night.

One thought on “Not bad for a Monday

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