Eff it, life is good

After work, I went to the library to gather more CDs for my dream musical collection I’ve been compiling; Eileen texted and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. Of course I did! The weather tonight was so perfect and we walked all around Clintonville and back to our campus area neighborhood. I stopped by my favorite Indian place to get take out, which I took home and ate while reading more of my book. After that, I decided to take the laptop down to Kafe Kerouac, where I’ve been for the past hour and a half. I live in a very interesting, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with lots of good food and great hang outs. It’s incredible.

Today I researched film festivals that have a web series category. For a $30 entry fee, I am entering this one and I’m on the look out for others. It’s time to do something with the content I’ve already created and then I can worry about making new stuff.

I might do another web series. Who the hell knows? I ❤ Columbus.

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