Saintseneca & Co.

What are the odds of three kids who went to high school together in southeastern Ohio going to the same college, staying friends and starting a band in Columbus with a girl who plays the violin? They’ve got to be slim to none, but Saintseneca beat the odds and we’re all very glad for it.


I blogged briefly about them a couple months ago when I mentioned sharing their EP with my uncle, but until last night I’d never seen one of their shows. I’m friends with a couple of the guys on Facebook and one of them posted an event page for their show Saturday night. They played with three other acts and I had a great time. It was at one of the famed music houses around campus, and one I’d never been to before. All four bands/performers I saw were acoustic and I guess on the folk side of things; First was a band called Meow that was pretty good. They kind of reminded me of Great Big Sea, or at least the lead vocalist’s voice did. If they’ve got a web site, I couldn’t find it.

After that, a couple girls sang together with a gorgeous harmony effect and traded a guitar back and forth. They told me later they were each independent artists and had never performed together before that night. I added one of them on Facebook later because I really wanted to hear her solo stuff. The other girl sang a verse of a pretty song in French, which I thought sounded so beautiful.

Old Hundred

Old Hundred started playing a little bit after 11 (the event had started at 9…ish). I had never heard them or heard of them, but I can tell you right now you should buy their EP. It’s only three bucks on iTunes and easily worth every penny. My personal favorite is “A Thousand Times.” I can’t begin to explain to you how incredible it felt to be within three feet of such a high energy band, cramped in a room where at least half the crowd was singing along, every word. The same goes to say for Saintseneca, who played last. These bands clearly have a dedicated fan base in this city, and those people came out just to hear them live.

“It’s so awesome to have people come to the show and say, ‘I bought your EP on iTunes,’ and it’s someone I’ve never met before,” said one of my friends in Saintseneca.


Sometimes I’ll get a Saintseneca song stuck in my head and I’ll think, wow, it’s so awesome to have a song by someone I know, who wrote and performs it, stuck in my head.

I just bought Saintseneca’s second release, “Grey Flag.” I’ll have to post my thoughts on it once I’ve had some time to listen to it. For now, my favorite of theirs is off their self-titled EP, called “God Bones.” I loved, loved, loved hearing it live last night. I could tell it was a crowd favorite as well as my personal one.

I wish I could have gotten some better pictures, but as usual, I was relying on the good old iPhone. If I get to go to another show I’ll bring the camera. Maybe the video camera! If they let me. Good times, I say go see them.

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