Just kidding

I didn’t blog today. I didn’t do much of anything, really, besides watch movies with my friend Rachel all day. Regardless, it was a great day.

More soon, I promise.

On our way home

Just hit the Ohio line. It’s been a long, weird weekend and I’ll tell you all about it — tomorrow. Meanwhile I’m passing out the second I get home. Even a one hour time difference seems to mess me up. Can’t wait for that California trip.

Road trip plans

I just bought the third “Glee” CD (that show is an iTunes money-making machine). Now that I can actually understand the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” from the slowed down arrangement Rachel and her mom sang, I realize it’s a wildly inappropriate mother-daughter duet. Almost as bad as this song being sang by Michael and Maebe on “Arrested Development”.

I bought some snacks for the trip to Chicago tomorrow; last night I went to Wild Goose Creative for a See You Thursday improv show to meet two of the three women I’ll be rooming with, since we didn’t know each other. They both seem very pleasant and good natured and I look forward to spending LOTS and lots of time with them this weekend. The four of us will be sharing a room for two nights so we best be getting cozy. On the plus side, since we’re fitting four to a room, we’re each paying less than $50 a person for both nights.

I found out last night that there’s an improv workshop involved Saturday afternoon. This I had not bargained for; I was under the impression that we were just going to WATCH improv, not perform it. I thoroughly enjoyed my intro class but by the end of it, I knew I was done. I like the improv culture, love the people, the creativity and all that, but I am not an improv performer. And that’s okay! I don’t have to do it all. So, even though I felt bad, I e-mailed the organizer of the trip and asked him not to reserve a spot for me in the workshop. He was cool about it. On the plus side, I might get a couple hours to myself in Chicago on Saturday.

I’m leaving the house at 7:30 a.m. to meet the ladies at one of their houses before 8. Then we’re getting breakfast and we’re hitting the road with the others, caravan style, shortly after 9. We’re going to at least one performance tomorrow night, and two on Saturday night. We’re heading back Sunday. It will be so nice to have Monday off after all that.

I’ll be blogging via iPhone so check back all weekend. 🙂

The Green Monster

I started reading a bunch of weightloss / healthy eating blogs this week and more than a couple of them refer to drinking a “green monster” with breakfast. One of the blogs listed a recipe (although there are many variations) and tonight I made it. I happened to have half a bag of spinach and a tub of farmer’s market strawberries that were doomed to go bad while I’m in Chicago.

“Green Monsters are a good way to get in fruit and vegetable servings without putting much thought or preparation into it,” said the author of the tumblr blog Not Just Healthy.

  • 1 lb fresh strawberries
  • 1 pre-washed bag baby spinach leaves
  • 1 banana, any size
  • 1 4oz container of all-natural unsweetened apple sauce (optional)
My concoction turned out to be more of a brown monster, but it was pretty good, surprisingly. You don’t even really taste the spinach. I drank some tonight and saved the rest for tomorrow:

Drink me

Blehhhh! This photo almost makes me wish it was green instead.


(It’ll be Wednesday by the time anyone sees this, right?)

Bought myself a new fat-covering shirt

Bought myself a new fat-covering shirt

Sigh… I was totally gonna stay up late and clean since I’m leaving town Friday, but instead I’m going to watch “Arrested Development” until I pass out on my couch. My brother started watching that show recently and it reminded me how much I love it, so I started re-watching it on Netflix Instant. Those episodes go by so fast, you don’t even realize you’ve watched five in a row before it’s too late.

Over the weekend I baked some cookies (from a box, shh) for the neighbors to thank them for being awesomely quiet as of late. Positive reinforcement! My brother, the new parent, approves of my methods. Meanwhile, I’m going to move. I gotta be outta there by July so I need to make some plans fast. Plans and back up plans are currently in the works.

Also, today, I got my camera-to-laptop problem fixed. The cable I was using WAS the problem, so I got a new one today that works like a charm. I am back in business. I started editing a couple projects tonight instead of going to the record studio as planned– I wasn’t feeling so hot at work this afternoon.

Anyone catch “Glee” tonight? How intensely scary was Kurt’s dad, huh? I was afraid he was gonna punch me in the face through my aunt’s television.

Writer FAIL

So, last week I submitted those two ideas I mentioned, and later, a third idea for a video segment (the fake iPhone commercials). All three of these ideas seemed to go over not terribly with the writers who commented, so I decided to take the initiative to write a first draft of my Twilight sketch. I posted it Thursday night and felt really good about myself. I’d written a sketch, by God. On Friday, no one had commented on it but I could see a couple had viewed it. I checked back over the weekend and got my first sketch criticism.

They said they’d tell me when my ideas, jokes and drafts sucked, and boy, did they. I’m not gonna lie, even though I was prepared for it, it still smarted. My heart plummeted when I read the feedback; my draft didn’t have enough jokes, and the one joke I was most proud of was deemed a desperate attempt at shock value and unfit for the stage. Can you imagine me writing something so offensive it’s not stage appropriate?

I know I got too cocky, too early on. I also didn’t try hard enough, and at the very same time, I tried far too hard. I should have sat on my draft for a couple days rather than immediately posting it, and I should have been much more thoughtful about it. I shouldn’t have tried to live up to the other female writers’ reputation for writing the most offensive jokes, because that’s not my natural writer’s voice. I’m just beginning to worry that my natural writer’s voice might not have the sense of humor I imagined.

The thing is, this is the hard part. This is where I take what I wrote and completely re-do it and make it better. This is what they said would happen. This is the part where I move forward and try harder and write better jokes. This is where I plead to my writer’s group later tonight to let me bounce some lines off of them.

Also, I failed miserably at my weekend experiment to not spend any more than fifty bucks. I blame Mozart’s, but really I blame my overwhelming desire to drop everything and run to Target when I realize I’ve lost my sunglasses and also pick up a new pair of shorts while I’m there. I still know I’ve got enough cash to survive a weekend in Chicago, but I can’t help but have traumatic flashbacks to the Colorado trip when I unwittingly placed a non-budgeted $150 deposit on a bike I borrowed for two days. Vacations are the times when a credit card might come in handy.

A weekend challenge

Because I am trying to save money before leaving for Chicago (a week from today) and taking a cross country road trip next month, I tried something last weekend: I did my best to not spend *any* money. I wasn’t 100 percent successful, but I definitely saved more than I would have if I hadn’t been making a conscious effort not to shell out some cash.

Last Saturday I bought Starbucks with a gift card (it was also “happy hour,” for half-price frappuccinos) and spent $8 in quarters doing laundry. I also caved and bought a decidedly NOT half-priced iced mocha at Caribou the next day, but all in all, I did alright.

This weekend, I can’t tell myself not to spend at all, because I have plans that require cash: breakfast with Eileen, farmers’ market visit, an acquaintance’s short film premiere and the LOST series finale at Studio 35. However, I have some control over these situations and the LOST premiere is free — although I fully intend to order food there to support Studio 35. I decided to get $50 in cash out of the ATM tonight and refuse to spend any more than that amount. I have a fridge full of food (minus some fresh veggies I intend to get at the farmers’ market) and a tank full of gas. I should be good to go, in theory. Bonus: Cash is a little harder for me to spend, like I understand it is for a lot of people; you’re physically handing over something instead of swiping an almost invisible number onto a thin piece of plastic someone then hands right back to you.

What are some of your money saving strategies? Do you ever try to trick yourself by making a game out of not spending? Or is that just me…

In honor of the LOST series finale

This is another radio piece I did in college, way back when LOST was in its third season. That was after the craziness of season two, where ABC tried to cash in on their new found source of moneybags and pump as much advertising into it as possible. Remember those effed up Sprite commercials? Or that book Sawyer was reading that later became an actual book you could pay real dollars for and as a result learn absolutely nothing additional about the show?

They went deep down the rabbit hole. Fortunately, as we know today, that phase was short-lived.