Introducing the Summit Workshop

A couple weeks ago my friend Amy, who I went to high school with (and whose brother is in Saintseneca… small world) asked me if I could help her guy’s recording studio with some PR. I am helping them get a blog started and doing some videos for them. I visited them last Tuesday to hear what all they had to say and what they were looking for. Last week I set up a blog domain for them here on WordPress, took some exterior shots of the place and made a very basic blog for them. Tonight I went back and shot some video, which I will be adding to their vids section of the Summit Workshop blog.

Amy is a skilled photographer and will be frequently taking pictures of artists as they come in to the studio to record, which we’ll be posting to the blog each week. She’s also been documenting the hard work the guys have been putting into the property so eventually there will be some pretty astonishing before and after shots of the place. They all seem like really nice people, and they’re very ambitious. They want to do a little (or sometimes a lot) of everything, it sounds like, including audio for local films. Hooray for me!

Here’s a rough cut of the introductory video I did for them tonight:

The finished cut will have full titles, credits and music. I’m looking forward to getting more work done with them.

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