In maintenance mode

It’s been a really long time since I wrote any kind of update on my weight loss quest; I guess that’s because once I lost the ten pounds I gained last summer, I stopped freaking out about it. I’ve kept it off, but I’m not shedding any additional weight like I wanted to. I’ve been running outdoors lately, which I’ve decided is vastly different (in a good way) from running on a treadmill. So, I’m planning on doing more of that and spending less time at the gym, which served me very well all fall and winter. This has also solidified my plan to, once my gym contract is over (January 2011! Christ.), switch to a gym that doesn’t lock you into a contract. Month to month, baby.

I still use my phone’s calorie counter app but like I said, it’s not making me lose like it would if I were exercising a lot more. At this point, I’m just maintaining my weight. Still, I’m very happy to at least be doing that. I really wanted to start Weight Watchers, which has worked wonders on a co-worker and a couple friends, but it’s just not fitting into my budget right now. I’m trying really hard to save money for my upcoming trips to Chicago (Memorial Day weekend) and San Diego (June 21-26).

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