Spending time at the Summit Workshop

I shot some more video last night at the record studio. Should be some pretty good pieces coming out of it, at least two. Once their blog goes live I’ll be linking to it here. I’m hoping they’ll get themselves a couple Flip Cams so they can soon add video without me and have a little more independence there.

A couple members of Kinetic Psyche

This is a couple of the guys from my friend Amy’s band. I got to hear (most of) them last night, they’re fun. They’re performing this Friday at Scarlet & Grey Cafe at 9 p.m. with some other hip hop acts.

On a side note, has anyone had trouble getting your Macbook Pro to recognize your video camera? I plug in my Canon HV30 and nothing happens. I googled it, and the only people who’ve had the same issue agreed the camera at least showed up their desktop – mine doesn’t even do that. It makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with the firewire cable. Anyway. Just throwing that out there.

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