See for yourself

So I want to do either one giant post or a few shorter posts about the trip. Unfortunately I am packing up my apartment and moving today through Wednesday. So for now, see the trip for yourself.

But first you have to see this video or else it won’t make any sense:

Okay, now watch mine:

The weekend in photos

This weekend, I was part of a bridal shower, attended a bachelorette party, went to my niece’s first birthday party, and celebrated Fathers’ Day. It was exhausting. But awesome. And now, the weekend in visual form:

I finally got to wear the cute yellow dress and shoes I got for the event. Unfortunately, the dress was a little shorter than I thought and was meant for sitting and looking pretty in — not for bending down and picking up presents for almost an hour in.

Self portrait, in yellow

At the bridal shower I got to do a video project with the groom. B.C., like Christina, is an old college friend. C’s sister found a list of questions for me to ask him about Christina for “The Newlywed Game,” and he answered them on camera. I edited it into a DVD and at the shower, her sister asked C the questions. Once she answered, we rolled the tape to see what the groom’s answer was. Sometimes he was right, sometimes he wasn’t. Hilarity ensued. Sometime before the wedding I’m going to make a second DVD, because another (Muskingum alum) bridesmaid taped C’s responses for B.C. to eventually see.

C got the bridesmaids super cute umbrellas as favors

The bachelorette party was so much fun. We got to lounge in the pool, drink strawberry margaritas and eat Mexican food. Then that night we stayed at a hotel at Easton and played some board games, followed by a viewing of “When Harry Met Sally,” which I hadn’t seen in at least four or five years. The life experience afforded to me during that time frame made me appreciate the movie a lot more than I did the first time around. And the dialogue!

Unc (a fellow Muskie) and me at dinner

I really got along with the other bridesmaids — C clearly has expert taste in friends. We’re going to have a blast at the wedding.

This morning I got ready at the hotel and left for my little niece’s first birthday party. She is only one but she is so much fun to watch. I didn’t think she would really know what was going on, but she sure ate up the attention and hammed it up for us all. She seemed to like a lot of the gifts my dad and I got her, which was an unexpected reward. Watching her eat her first bites of cake was priceless. She went from looking skeptical to diving in with both hands. She cried when they finally took it away. Other than that, she was very good natured the whole time.


Owen took this picture of us today.

That's a keeper

I got my dad a pedometer for Fathers’ Day because he is about to begin writing a book about the best 100 trail hikes in the state and he’s going to need one. He very rarely goes on Facebook, but when he does, it usually catches me by surprise. Ask and you shall receive.

Tomorrow I leave for California. Who knows how long it will take us to get there? Eileen is most determined. On that note, thanks for the music suggestions. Dennis, who Eileen and I used to work with at SNP, was kind enough to make us a random playlist for the trip, and few of you e-mailed and called with song ideas. I’ll be updating Facebook about my trip, but probably not The Sleeper Hit. Although you can count on a thorough recap when I get home.

An ambitious kitchen endeavor

Also, this week I’ve been trying to get rid of some stuff in my freezer before I move. Tonight I randomly roasted a whole chicken. It came from this person a YEAR AGO. It came with cooking instructions but Brandon and I didn’t have a grill at the time. Needless to say, we never got one, so I oven roasted it instead. It took forever. But mmmm.

With lemons and onions

An unusual work week

I don’t usually blog about work, but it’s been a weird week. First thing Monday morning, our web developer, who’s been with us less than three months, came into my office to tell me the guy she broke up with two weeks ago died the day before. She left after lunch and was not seen again until this morning. She is a year younger than me, and like me when I started, has been having a hard time connecting with the people we work with. She kind of attached herself to me a little easier because we’re so close in age, and I’m just so gosh darn approachable, right? Anyway. She only told me and then our boss her devastating news (they’d been together for a year before a recent fight split them up) and I was pretty stunned.

Another woman in our department suggested I get our new co-worker in mourning a card, so I did. To my surprise, a lot of people signed it over the last couple days when I left it in the break room, with a note explaining the recent loss. It was nice, and I thought to myself that if something that terrible happened in my life, the people I work with would probably be there for me.

Then, today, when the web developer came back, we had an all-staff meeting all day today. Those are never fun, but in the afternoon, people in our office took a few hours to sit down and talk about problems we see there everyday. What could have been a major bitch session became instead an honest conversation about how we need to make each other feel more appreciated, new people more welcome and just be effing nicer to each other. Even the web developer, who was understandably not in the best of spirits this morning, seemed to find this conversation a welcome one (or at least a sufficient distraction). I think people will be more likely to stop by her office and say hi now, and that makes me feel really good. It took me a long time to make friends at work, and it’s really only happened this year.

Tomorrow’s my last day at work before my vacation and unless everything goes to crap in that eight hours I think I might actually leave the place on a positive note and not a thank-God-I’m-leaving-for-a-week-because-I-was-cracking-up note. Hopefully that will make coming BACK from vacation a little easier. Ha! Yeah, right.

The streak has been broken

So I totally forgot to blog last night which meant I broke my streak of blogging every weeknight for like two months. Whoops.

I am about to begin a crazy weekend, and yes, I realize it’s only Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to get ready for it all. I’ve been busting my butt at work getting stuff out the door by Friday since I leave for vacation after that. I have to pack boxes tomorrow and make some food for our final Classic Cinema Society gathering Friday night, or at least final one with all three founding members. While we watch our last movie together in Rachel’s living room I’ll be sprawled on the floor surrounded by wrapping paper and gift receipts because this weekend I have the following:

  • Christina’s bridal shower
  • Hannah’s first birthday party
  • Fathers’ Day

And I’ll be wrapping away. I made some cards last night so I’ve been making preparations in pieces, anyway.

I had a pretty good day today. I was productive all day and then tonight I got to see Jessie, who I hadn’t seen in like a month or something crazy like that, and we had a great conversation outside in the nice weather. She offered to help me move when I get back from California and I just wanted to hug her because I had no idea how the heck I was going to get my bed to my new room.

I haven’t seen Eileen in almost two weeks. I miss her already and she hasn’t even moved yet. But we’re going to have an awesome road trip, Eileen, Liz and I.

Seeking musical selections

What songs would you put on a cross-country road trip play list? Making purchases from iTunes soon. Road Tripper #1 likes music she already knows, a.k.a., oldies and/or classic rock. Road Tripper #2 likes the CD101 mix and I’m not sure what else. I like music that keeps me awake and happy on the road. I need a good variety of all of the above.

You guys are awesome

I thought I might regret that last post, but my friends’ comments totally took me out of that crappy mood. Also, my dad made me feel a lot better after he read it Saturday morning and talked to me when I got to his house. And here I thought no one read blogs on the weekend!

I had a great time in Caldwell and despite getting a LATE start back to Columbus, I managed to clean my entire apartment in time for a showing by my landlord tomorrow morning. AND I still did my Jillian Michaels DVD on top of that all-day work out.

More on the weekend’s events and conversations soon. I gotta get to bed before I pass out on my laptop.

Now you learn the hard way

I’m not feeling great lately. While I am glad I have a place to live (thank you family!) I am also realizing that, now that it’s been more than two months since I moved back to the apartment to live on my own and start a whole new life by myself, I’m really seeing that things haven’t quite gone the way I’d hoped. I was so optimistic but not much has changed, and now here I am, moving back in to the safe realm that is my family. There’s some things, a numbered list almost, that I’d hoped might have gone down by now that are nowhere in sight. Then I beat myself up for not trying hard enough, for not saving enough money, for not doing everything I possibly could have. For wasting time watching TV. For not working out. For not pushing myself harder. There’s a lot of guilt there, a lot of putting myself down. I have to work on that.

And even with all this, there are things I think about doing that could be mistakes, but I just don’t know it yet. Am I willing to take risks if it could lead to a happier life? How far am I willing to go? I know I am being cryptic, and I don’t mean to be. If you are worried, don’t be, but if you still are, call me and I will reassure you. I wish I was mistake-proof, and I could do whatever and just know that it will all work out for the best and lead to something better. Even if it’s a blessing in disguise. Maybe that’s how life really is, and we don’t know it. But that faint possibility doesn’t make the risk taking part any easier.

“Someday, you might listen to what people have to say. Now you learn the hard way.”

This line has been in my head all week. It all comes back to the risks– and if they’re worth it. We can just sit on our asses and complain or we can actually do something about it, even if it’s scary. And just trust. Trust our own judgment, our choices, our instincts, ourselves.

Easier said than done, right?

I’m trying to be more honest with everyone in my life, especially myself. If I’m just deceiving myself with all this stuff in my mind, I better fess up ASAP. Sigh… At least it’s easier to be truthful here and I hope you are appreciating how hard it is for me to hit “Publish” on entries like this. But I really think these are the ones that count. More than the disgusting Green Monster pictures, the weightloss updates, the random photos and videos. This is me, putting it out there, even if it feels ridiculous sometimes. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t/couldn’t write.

Heading home tomorrow to take some furniture to my dad’s. Hope I won’t need that coffee table or those end tables in the next several weeks. On that note, is anyone interested in adopting two adorable soon-to-be-homeless pet mice?

2010: The year I lived with every family member possible

In the middle of my freak out last week over where the heck I’m going to live after July 1, my dad called with an idea. He suggested I ask my brother and sister-in-law if I could live with them for the summer.

It was a simple solution had been there the whole time, or at the very least, an option I’d never considered. I was really skeptical that they’d go for it; they were probably pretty used to having their house to themselves and, oh yeah, their infant. Just the same, I e-mailed Owen later that day and tried to sell the idea as best I could. I said I could pay rent and help out with the mortgage and watch Hannah if they wanted to go on a date night or go to the store. On Monday morning, he e-mailed back and said they were open to the idea, and added he and I could carpool! (We work within a mile of each other).

The idea of my rent, water, gas, internet and electric bills being rolled into one check is very appealing. Sharing the apartment and its costs with Brandon was just right for my budget; we split rent/water down the middle, I paid gas, he paid electric and internet. We used to alternate who paid for groceries, even. I’ve been able to pay all these utilities on my own, but it’s made saving difficult. Not to mention some car repairs and a plane ticket from California I dropped cash on recently. So, that’s what this summer will be about: saving, as well as making plans for the future.

Come the fall, I’ll need to either be ready to make some big changes or be willing to commit to signing another lease in the Short North somewhere with a roommate.

In other news, I’ve been doing the “30 Day Shred” DVD every day, except for Friday and Saturday. I should have done it Saturday, but I was lazy. However, maybe a second rest day the first week wasn’t such a bad idea. I’ve done it every day since then, so that’s 7 work outs in 9 days.

I contributed to a brainstorming session tonight for Shadowbox; they’re trying to come up with common Halloween candy and costumes that their evangelist character could deem evil and unholy. That was fun to play around with.