Something has to go

Stuff I have 100 percent willingly committed my time to:

  • My job
  • Blogging every week night
  • Working out and losing weight
  • Writing for the Shadowbox Cabaret
  • Being in a wedding party
  • Reading “Infinite Jest” this summer (more on that soon)
  • Driving to California for a week in June
  • Writing a feature length screenplay
  • The Kafe Kerouac Monday night writers’ group
  • Finding an apartment by July 1 and moving days after returning from California
  • Starting a blog and doing video for the Summit Workshop
  • Attending Young Professionals of Columbus and Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association events on a semi-regular basis

Not to mention hanging out with my friends and family. I’ve definitely bitten off more than I can chew. On top of it all, I have all these feelings of guilt when I am doing one thing instead of another, like reading a book instead of writing a sketch. Or writing a sketch instead of working on the screenplay. Or working on the screenplay instead of cleaning the apartment.

I applied for a YPC internship to do their social media outreach, but now I really, really hope I don’t get asked to do it. What was I thinking?

Last night I was planning on writing while at the laundromat, but fifteen minutes after I got there a freak flash flood occurred, flooding the place. Instead of writing, I helped push water out the door with a giant broom, a near exercise in futility. But it was nice how everyone came together to help out the owner. And I still got all my laundry done, so it wasn’t a total bust, productivity-wise.

My closest friend in Columbus is moving across the country in less than three weeks. I am on the verge of a meltdown. This is not good.