Something has to go

Stuff I have 100 percent willingly committed my time to:

  • My job
  • Blogging every week night
  • Working out and losing weight
  • Writing for the Shadowbox Cabaret
  • Being in a wedding party
  • Reading “Infinite Jest” this summer (more on that soon)
  • Driving to California for a week in June
  • Writing a feature length screenplay
  • The Kafe Kerouac Monday night writers’ group
  • Finding an apartment by July 1 and moving days after returning from California
  • Starting a blog and doing video for the Summit Workshop
  • Attending Young Professionals of Columbus and Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association events on a semi-regular basis

Not to mention hanging out with my friends and family. I’ve definitely bitten off more than I can chew. On top of it all, I have all these feelings of guilt when I am doing one thing instead of another, like reading a book instead of writing a sketch. Or writing a sketch instead of working on the screenplay. Or working on the screenplay instead of cleaning the apartment.

I applied for a YPC internship to do their social media outreach, but now I really, really hope I don’t get asked to do it. What was I thinking?

Last night I was planning on writing while at the laundromat, but fifteen minutes after I got there a freak flash flood occurred, flooding the place. Instead of writing, I helped push water out the door with a giant broom, a near exercise in futility. But it was nice how everyone came together to help out the owner. And I still got all my laundry done, so it wasn’t a total bust, productivity-wise.

My closest friend in Columbus is moving across the country in less than three weeks. I am on the verge of a meltdown. This is not good.

3 thoughts on “Something has to go

  1. I vote for ditching the wedding party…. oh wait! Scratch that! 😉 I mean, I vote to keep that one!

    I am sorry you are feeling stressed, that feelings sucks! I would work to find a place to live first, because that will be in the back (and probably forefront, as well) of your mind until you get it settled, and you will feel residual stress with everything until then. Good luck juggling it all, if you need a stress break, call me!

    • Haha, wedding party commitment is definitely a go, you know it.

      The apartment issue is absolutely weighing me down the most. I need to take care of that ASAP and I think you’re right, I’ll feel much better after that.

      Stress break? Yes, please. Oh, man. P.s. I am so looking forward to your bridal shower!

  2. There’s something to be said for keeping busy.

    HOWEVER: it gets to a crunch time when “keeping busy” conflicts with “prioritzing” and “relaxing”.

    Which thing is more important (prioritizing)? Multi-tasking (does anything get done correctly)? If you don’t do it right the first time, when are you going to find the time to do it over again?

    I think your full-time job wouldn’t care where you lived as long as you showed up and did your job like you’re supposed to (money gives you the ability to eat and sleep indoors-go figure).

    Someplace to live that’s relatively quiet and peaceful, near to activities you might like to pursue/or easy to get to, low-maintenance and easy to keep organized, with room to have company (or not).

    Activities that involve some physicality and some mental challenge; sometimes combining both, or they both complement each other (like, walking to Scrabble or to the movies, or to the coffee shop (but not to the donut shop-that’s too much of a contradiction)).

    Family is important if you got it. Not so much if you don’t. Friends are important if you got them. Prioritizing your relationships is not a bad thing. If your grandpa wants to see you, will your friends understand or try to guilt-trip you?

    Making that list, checking it twice. Where do you think Santa got the idea?

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