2010: The year I lived with every family member possible

In the middle of my freak out last week over where the heck I’m going to live after July 1, my dad called with an idea. He suggested I ask my brother and sister-in-law if I could live with them for the summer.

It was a simple solution had been there the whole time, or at the very least, an option I’d never considered. I was really skeptical that they’d go for it; they were probably pretty used to having their house to themselves and, oh yeah, their infant. Just the same, I e-mailed Owen later that day and tried to sell the idea as best I could. I said I could pay rent and help out with the mortgage and watch Hannah if they wanted to go on a date night or go to the store. On Monday morning, he e-mailed back and said they were open to the idea, and added he and I could carpool! (We work within a mile of each other).

The idea of my rent, water, gas, internet and electric bills being rolled into one check is very appealing. Sharing the apartment and its costs with Brandon was just right for my budget; we split rent/water down the middle, I paid gas, he paid electric and internet. We used to alternate who paid for groceries, even. I’ve been able to pay all these utilities on my own, but it’s made saving difficult. Not to mention some car repairs and a plane ticket from California I dropped cash on recently. So, that’s what this summer will be about: saving, as well as making plans for the future.

Come the fall, I’ll need to either be ready to make some big changes or be willing to commit to signing another lease in the Short North somewhere with a roommate.

In other news, I’ve been doing the “30 Day Shred” DVD every day, except for Friday and Saturday. I should have done it Saturday, but I was lazy. However, maybe a second rest day the first week wasn’t such a bad idea. I’ve done it every day since then, so that’s 7 work outs in 9 days.

I contributed to a brainstorming session tonight for Shadowbox; they’re trying to come up with common Halloween candy and costumes that their evangelist character could deem evil and unholy. That was fun to play around with.

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