An unusual work week

I don’t usually blog about work, but it’s been a weird week. First thing Monday morning, our web developer, who’s been with us less than three months, came into my office to tell me the guy she broke up with two weeks ago died the day before. She left after lunch and was not seen again until this morning. She is a year younger than me, and like me when I started, has been having a hard time connecting with the people we work with. She kind of attached herself to me a little easier because we’re so close in age, and I’m just so gosh darn approachable, right? Anyway. She only told me and then our boss her devastating news (they’d been together for a year before a recent fight split them up) and I was pretty stunned.

Another woman in our department suggested I get our new co-worker in mourning a card, so I did. To my surprise, a lot of people signed it over the last couple days when I left it in the break room, with a note explaining the recent loss. It was nice, and I thought to myself that if something that terrible happened in my life, the people I work with would probably be there for me.

Then, today, when the web developer came back, we had an all-staff meeting all day today. Those are never fun, but in the afternoon, people in our office took a few hours to sit down and talk about problems we see there everyday. What could have been a major bitch session became instead an honest conversation about how we need to make each other feel more appreciated, new people more welcome and just be effing nicer to each other. Even the web developer, who was understandably not in the best of spirits this morning, seemed to find this conversation a welcome one (or at least a sufficient distraction). I think people will be more likely to stop by her office and say hi now, and that makes me feel really good. It took me a long time to make friends at work, and it’s really only happened this year.

Tomorrow’s my last day at work before my vacation and unless everything goes to crap in that eight hours I think I might actually leave the place on a positive note and not a thank-God-I’m-leaving-for-a-week-because-I-was-cracking-up note. Hopefully that will make coming BACK from vacation a little easier. Ha! Yeah, right.

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