The weekend in photos

This weekend, I was part of a bridal shower, attended a bachelorette party, went to my niece’s first birthday party, and celebrated Fathers’ Day. It was exhausting. But awesome. And now, the weekend in visual form:

I finally got to wear the cute yellow dress and shoes I got for the event. Unfortunately, the dress was a little shorter than I thought and was meant for sitting and looking pretty in — not for bending down and picking up presents for almost an hour in.

Self portrait, in yellow

At the bridal shower I got to do a video project with the groom. B.C., like Christina, is an old college friend. C’s sister found a list of questions for me to ask him about Christina for “The Newlywed Game,” and he answered them on camera. I edited it into a DVD and at the shower, her sister asked C the questions. Once she answered, we rolled the tape to see what the groom’s answer was. Sometimes he was right, sometimes he wasn’t. Hilarity ensued. Sometime before the wedding I’m going to make a second DVD, because another (Muskingum alum) bridesmaid taped C’s responses for B.C. to eventually see.

C got the bridesmaids super cute umbrellas as favors

The bachelorette party was so much fun. We got to lounge in the pool, drink strawberry margaritas and eat Mexican food. Then that night we stayed at a hotel at Easton and played some board games, followed by a viewing of “When Harry Met Sally,” which I hadn’t seen in at least four or five years. The life experience afforded to me during that time frame made me appreciate the movie a lot more than I did the first time around. And the dialogue!

Unc (a fellow Muskie) and me at dinner

I really got along with the other bridesmaids — C clearly has expert taste in friends. We’re going to have a blast at the wedding.

This morning I got ready at the hotel and left for my little niece’s first birthday party. She is only one but she is so much fun to watch. I didn’t think she would really know what was going on, but she sure ate up the attention and hammed it up for us all. She seemed to like a lot of the gifts my dad and I got her, which was an unexpected reward. Watching her eat her first bites of cake was priceless. She went from looking skeptical to diving in with both hands. She cried when they finally took it away. Other than that, she was very good natured the whole time.


Owen took this picture of us today.

That's a keeper

I got my dad a pedometer for Fathers’ Day because he is about to begin writing a book about the best 100 trail hikes in the state and he’s going to need one. He very rarely goes on Facebook, but when he does, it usually catches me by surprise. Ask and you shall receive.

Tomorrow I leave for California. Who knows how long it will take us to get there? Eileen is most determined. On that note, thanks for the music suggestions. Dennis, who Eileen and I used to work with at SNP, was kind enough to make us a random playlist for the trip, and few of you e-mailed and called with song ideas. I’ll be updating Facebook about my trip, but probably not The Sleeper Hit. Although you can count on a thorough recap when I get home.

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