A tip from Career Candy

I met up with my friend Candy tonight for coffee. As I’ve mentioned she is going to school for multimedia production and she told me about an awesome site: Media-Match.com. It lists TV and film gigs (some permanent, mostly project) all over the country. Unfortunately the only two Ohio listings are in Cleveland, and I’m not qualified to be a production assistant. But, if you were living in a bigger city like NYC, LA or Chicago you’d have a wide array of positions to apply for. From the looks of it I could actually use my Plum St. Productions credits toward getting hired onto a project, which kind of blows my mind.

It’s a paid service, but Candy said it has paid for itself already. She is currently a researcher for a court TV, “Judge Judy”-type show. She goes through Franklin County’s small claims reports and forwards on the more interesting-sounding ones to the producers. She says three of her findings have already been used on the show and she gets paid mileage as well as per hour. Not too shabby.

I don’t see any acting jobs on here, so I’m guessing that’s kept separate. But I really feel like I could be a PA for a project or a director’s assistant. Wouldn’t that make for some awesome writing material?