First draft complete

The first draft of the (now tentatively titled) Candidate is complete. Clocking in at 27 pages, it will hopefully be broken down into six webisodes. I’m pretty excited about the script. I just sent it off to some willing readers for comments and critiques.

Tonight I got to hang out with Christina and B.C. We watched the DVD I made them, went to get some Jeni’s ice cream and then played “Scene It” at which C beat the snot out of us. Driving home I realized those two, along with Jake and Abby, have made me realize it really is possible to hang out with a couple and not feel like a third wheel. Long time readers may remember this was a theory of mine as well as a great fear after Brandon and I broke up. I think it helped that I was, at different times, individually friends with each of these four people. But really, when it comes down to it, crisis mode is when we realize which of our friendships were made to last. And the ones that didn’t, it’s not necessarily a bad thing– it’s just not the dynamic the friendship was built on. So, thanks Jake, Abby, Christina and B.C. for being there for me and making sure I knew it. I almost lost Jake and Abby in my own world of self-doubt and pity but they weren’t ready to let me go that easy, thank goodness.

Now then, who wants to make a web series? Eh? Eh?