Open call for cast and crew

Cast and crew needed for political satire web series, filming August and September 2010.


Seeking two actresses aged 21-30, one actress between 18-22 and one actress between 45-55.
Also seeking two actors aged 21-30 and two actors between 45-55.

AUDITIONS will be held Monday, Aug. 2 and Wednesday, Aug. 4 at 7:30 p.m. at the Crimson Cup in Clintonville (North High Street).

Female roles:

  • ALICE, who is (possibly blonde) ambitious, hard working and competitive. Professional, somewhat cutthroat.
  • LAUREN, who is level-headed, charming, witty. Love interest of main character.
  • BRITTANY, who is a college student, very attractive.
  • JUDY, JOHN’s wife. Attractive, flirtatious. Interested in MATTHEW. A smaller role.

Male roles:

  • MATTHEW, main character and protagonist. Earnest, enthusiastic but at many points discouraged. Good looking, very charming, endearing.
  • DENNIS, the comic relief/goof. ALICE’s nemesis; messes around, but wants to have ALICE’s job for the power she has.
  • JOHN, a local man running for mayor. A smaller role, but the show centers around his office.
  • MR. PHILIPS, a village councilman and BRITTANY’s proud father. A smaller role.


  • 1 sound director with equipment. Please e-mail for more information.
  • 1 lighting coordinator, preferably with equipment. Please e-mail for more information.
  • 1 director of photography


Filming will take place over 2 weeks in the evenings in August and September. Please inform director or producer of any prior engagements during this time frame at your audition so a production schedule may be created around them.

This is an unpaid project but we hope you will be interested in creating a fun, entertaining final product with us. Refreshments will be provided on set daily.

Please email