Life Update on a Tuesday Night

The first night of auditions for the web series was last night; only a couple people came out for it, so that was a little nerve wracking. But hopefully that means everyone who e-mailed me about it will be showing up Wednesday. We’ll see. Although actually, probably I won’t see, because I can’t go. I had to leave work a little early today because I felt like I was about to lose my lunch. My sister-in-law has been sick since this weekend and it sounds like I’ve picked up where she left off. I don’t want to get anyone else sick.

I was also supposed to go get a hair cut tonight because Christina and B.C.’s wedding is Saturday. Hopefully I’ll be able to fit that in when I feel better because I really need it.

My interviews for the band story I’m writing went really well. I haven’t had time to transcribe them yet but I better do that soon. I look forward to talking to more people, including the band director behind all this.