Slowly recovering from a summer bug thing

No haircut for me before the wedding. I’ve been home sick since Tuesday. Luckily I slept most of the day today and woke up feeling better. The DayQuill probably didn’t hurt, either.

It sounds like attendance at last night’s audition was not awesome, either. I don’t know how to cast this thing if the usual method isn’t working. Hopefully since I’ll be back at it tomorrow we can brainstorm some ideas on how to get this done. It sounds like we have a location for our campaign office, as the guy who asked me to do this got permission from the right people to film at our work location. I have to say, it’s pretty awesome they’re letting us do that. So, we’ve got all of our locations taken care of, which means once we have a full cast we can make a production schedule.

Meanwhile I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family this week, since I’m not going out or, in the last two days’ case, to work. My sister-in-law unfortunately lost her job last week so she’s been home with her daughter during the day since then. It is a blow to their plans, but I think they see it as a blessing in disguise. I hope everything works out for her and my brother. They are probably the most financially conscious people I know, so it’s definitely a slap in the face that something like this has to happen to them.

This week’s flown by, but that’s probably only because I slept through most of it.