This weekend, two very awesome things are going to happen. Christina and BC will get married and I get to be up there with them on the most important day of their lives as a couple so far. Also, the following day, I get to see two amazing college friends who will be in from Colorado that weekend. Doug and Chandra, the folks who let me stay with them for a few months when I first moved to the city, will be hanging out with all our old circle of friends that Sunday.

The only un-awesome thing happening will be that I have to see someone I have not been on speaking terms with for months now, three days in a row. Oh, and I’ll have to meet Brandon’s girlfriend. So that’s two less-than-fun things. But I’m a big girl, and I can handle it. It’s Christina’s day and I am venting here and now, before the rehearsal, so I won’t be bottled up with it all weekend.

The person I haven’t spoken to is the same I referred to here at one point recently as the only other person I considered dating aside from Brandon. He and I would probably be perfectly comfortable never seeing each other ever again, and maybe after this weekend we’ll be afforded that luxury. But for now, we have to just grin and bear it.

As for Brandon, he’ll be around for Doug and Chandra’s visit Sunday. He told me last week he’d probably be bringing his girlfriend, and while I’d suspected as much, I appreciated the heads up.

“Consider me bulletproof,” I told him.

“Uhh, okay,” he laughed. “So considered.”

The line was inspired by this very catchy pop song out now called “Bulletproof” and it’s been kind of my anthem as of late. This time maybe I’ll be bulletproof.

Hopefully this weekend, anyway. Happy wedding day to my friends, B.C. and C. They are going to be an awesomely fun married couple.