Stronger every day

Christina and B.C.’s wedding was amazing. Anyone’ll tell you. Nothing terrible happened, the weather was absolutely perfect and everyone was pretty chill all day. And everything I ate was awesome, which is always an added bonus with these kind of special occasions.

Me with the bride (like our shirts?)

B.C. just looked so happy Friday night at the rehearsal, preparing to marry his best friend, and that smile stayed on his face all weekend. Christina was gorgeous and glowy, like it was the best day of her life. I know this is getting cheesy, but I’ve realized I am a sucker for weddings. Or at least ones where you can feel the love two people have for each other. It’s amazing.

Walking (back) down the isle

The guy I was not looking forward to seeing all weekend seemed to respect my wish to not speak and he left me alone. I felt sick to my stomach driving my car to the rehearsal, knowing I was about to see him, but once that initial shock passed I knew the hard part was over. He seemed normal, like nothing had changed. And for some reason, just seeing him made it a little hard to stay mad at him. But at the same time, I think it’s best for everyone if I just stay mad. It hurts less that way.

I met Brandon’s girlfriend Sunday, as I knew I was going to. She introduced herself pleasantly right off the bat, which made me feel immediately at ease. I guess I expected her to not want anything to do with me, and I knew I couldn’t blame her if that was the case. She could have definitely been like, eff you, I’ve heard all about how crazy you is. But she wasn’t.

My lovely bouquet

Seeing Doug and Chandra was the cherry on top. I’ve missed them like crazy, and once a year is far too seldom to be in their company. Luckily I get to see them again Thursday. Can’t wait.

Me with Chandra and Doug of Colorado

Me and Jessi D. at the reception

Wedding hair

Wedding hair, post-bobby pin removal procedure (Medusa?)