Paging Pam Beasley

Tonight I went to my first Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association monthly mixer to try to recruit our crew and our last cast members for The Candidate. There were definitely more writer/directors and tech folks there, but a few actors. We may have found some crew people and an Alice, but we still need a Lauren and Councilman Philips. Oh, and a director of photography. Eeek. I was hoping tonight’s event would have rounded out the cast and crew, but there’s still work to be done.

The thing about Lauren is that I have a pretty firm opinion on who this actress should be. I need her to be down to earth, but confident and cute. I need her to be the Pam to our Jim (aka Matthew). Pam just lights up a room and that’s kind of hard to do. But anyway. I know she’s out there, somewhere in the Columbus area.

Stacey made a prettttty awesome piece for our candidate John Cunningham, complete with The Sleeper Hit-voter-approved fake campaign slogan. How cheesy is this:

Holy crap that's gonna look good on a hat

I hope Aryeh liked the one she made for the incumbent and Cunningham’s opponent. Because it was hilarious.