Set location coming along

As I mentioned, my friends and I are fortunate enough to be allowed to film at our work place as long as we aren’t bothering anyone or interrupting any previously scheduled events. Or tear the place apart. The area we’ll be filming the majority of our scenes in is free at least six out of the eight weeknights I want to film there between Monday, Aug. 23 and Thursday, Sept. 2. The other two nights we’ll use for our exterior shots and one interior shot that will be filmed in my own office.

In other words, we may actually be able to film this thing in under two weeks.

We’ve got a couple obstacles in terms of set, but I have Stacey helping me brainstorm ways to creatively solve problems as we come across them. It sure is nice having someone to worry and think fast along with you. Of course, with Paper Cuts, that role was filled by Brandon, who was incredibly supportive and a huge help. I guess what I mean to say is, as much as I’d like to claim I am a one-woman-show when it comes to filmmaking, it’s a largely collabortative process. And thank God for that.

I still need people to be willing to work as crew. Since it looks like we’ll be getting our own equipment after all, can I entice anyone to stand in to use it? I can’t stress enough that there is no experience necessary.

This could be your experience.

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