Special delivery

Our Vista Print materials showed up Thursday!

Well, most of them. We were still waiting on a stray coffee mug until Friday morning. But it’s not like you couldn’t guess what was going to be slapped on the side of it.

A coupla sexy mugs

And of course, our biggest piece, a giant banner for incumbent Mike Mowry, as portrayed by executive producer Aryeh.

Here’s our expenses thus far:

Vista Print, total: $122.79 ($88.43 + $34.36 rushed S&H)
-4 yard signs, 2 holders
-1 coffee mug
-8 stickers
-1 ginormous banner

Clapper board app for the iPhone: $3

IKEA panels for set: $53.08 (inc. tax)

15″ Dynex flat screen TV: $139.99 (plus $19.99 two-year protection plan)

Sound equipment: Donated

Talent and crew’s time: Donated

For benevolent family and friends who are concerned I’m being taken for, here’s a photo of our executive producer reimbursing me for the above, save the TV:

See? Not shady at all

And yes, this weekend I broke down and bought myself the tiniest, least expensive flat screen TV I could find. I’ve been meaning to get one since October, when I saw Plum Street’s in action and couldn’t deny how huge of a help it was on set. They could see exactly what the frame looked like, how the lighting needed adjusted, etc. And even if I never make another movie again I’ll at least own a TV that will fit in any room, no matter how small. Or, more importantly, I will own a TV, period. I’ve never had one of my own before.

Tonight I’ll be compiling binders for myself, Stacey and Aryeh and getting together all that boring paperwork we’ll need on file. Fun, fun. No, really. I think that stuff’s fun. But not as fun as filming, which begins TOMORROW. Commence panic attack.