Almost there…

A Jim and Pam moment

We shot Days 4 and 5 yesterday and tonight, and Day 6 is the finish line tomorrow. The footage is looking great and I am really excited.

Last night was kind of crazy, but we still managed to wrap on time and no one seemed annoyed about how long Scene 25 (aka the bane of my existence and the longest scene I’ve ever written) was taking. Bill, who is playing the candidate, had the most down time but was very obliging about it. Every character except Mrs. Cunningham (who will be played tomorrow by my friend Rebekah) was in that scene and having so many people on set and on three different cameras was insane. But we got through it somehow.

I am kind of in love with my cast. They are all so talented, they really understand their characters and truly bring them to life. Steve and Becca actually seem to have pretty good chemistry, their (quickly formed) relationship seems believable, they deliver their lines just as I pictured when I wrote them. I talked about how I wanted that unspoken Pam Beasley quality, and hot damn, did I get it. Becca is perfect for the part. The woman playing Alice has it down, and knows when to play her character’s anal retentiveness up and when to look hopeless and forlorn. I can’t wait to see her in her scenes with Matt (Dennis) tomorrow. I can see the two of them driving each other crazy in those. Matt is just hysterical and I was cracking up watching some of his reaction scenes in editing. He has some great facial expressions and he really mixes things up creatively. RJ (Chad) did great in his scene tonight and did some really fun impromptu interview segments that I can’t wait to use, and I am glad he got his sister Sammy interested in playing Brittany. They are a good team.

My dad came all the way up from Caldwell to play Councilman Philips yesterday and we even got a quick interview scene in with him. He did pretty well, especially considering he’d never acted before in his life, save a single audition in junior high. How awesomely supportive is my entire family?

Tonight was much more low key and we ended up wrapping an hour early. We did end up re-shooting the interview scenes with the white noise I mentioned, but that really didn’t take long, thanks to Becca and Steve.