I am moving to Chicago in six weeks

Now that I have told my employer, I can talk about a plan that has been slowly in the works since March. I’m moving to Chicago next month, after my last day of work, Oct. 15. I’ve been thinking about doing this, because I have always wanted to live in a big(ger) city like New York, LA or Chicago, for at least a year. Brandon didn’t want to leave Columbus so this dream was put on the shelf. But once we broke up in February, I knew the time had come to finally make it happen. I’ve been at my job two years almost to the day now (I started Sept. 2, 2008) and while it has been a great learning experience, I am ready to move on. My only regret is that my work friends didn’t start at our company sooner, because they have made the last 6-8 months of my time here much, much more fun than the first year and a half. Our recent web series work has been proof of that.

I’ve been gradually telling people about this: family first, then friends and finally my work, so now everyone can know. The first question I am asked is, do I have a job? The answer is no. Or rather, not yet. I remain optimistic. The plan is to live with my aunt’s mother for two weeks and use that time to find someone who needs a roommate in one of the two neighborhoods I’ve had my eye on, Roscoe Village and Wrigleyville. I’ve been saving for a long time now, preparing to pay rent and necessities for at least two months without a job, but I am really hoping I can find something before my savings run out. Also, this is the reason I moved in with Owen and Jamie, who have been helping me save on rent. They also didn’t make me sign a one-year lease, bonus!

I’ve had some interesting reactions from people when I’ve told them my news over recent months. My brother seems excited and wants to try out Skype with me and my niece before I leave. My aunt and uncle are quietly thrilled that I’m moving to the city where they met and fell in love. My friends back home, and some of the people I was sure would be least likely to understand, all agree that I am crazy but they totally get it. When I told my dad back in March that I wanted to do this, he told me all the reasons why I shouldn’t. The next day he called back and said, “Do it. It’ll be fun.” He also let me know that if it ends up that I fail miserably, can’t find work and run out of money, all I need is a couple tanks of gas to get home to Caldwell to stay a while. I am very blessed to have such a supportive network of people in my life and what you might call a safety net, I call pure, unconditional love. Thank God for it too, because being homeless in Chicago in the winter sounds like a bad time.

I love Columbus and I will say now the plan is to come back after a year or two. I can’t promise that though, because, like you, I don’t know what 2011 has in store for me. Just know I intend to come home and that I want this experience so bad I can almost taste it. And you better believe it tastes like deep dish pizza.

You know I’ll be happy to take in any visitors and I’ll love you forever for making the trip. And one way or another, I’ll be home for Christmas.

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