The campaign season is just getting started

Yesterday Aryeh, Stacey and Stacey’s boyfriend Shane shot Aryeh’s two campaign ads back to back. We aired the first one this morning:

Chalk me and Stacey’s cameo appearances to two each. That’s right. My second one comes this Friday, in John Cunningham’s ad, a response to the above one of Mowry’s. We have almost 50 fans of “The Candidate” on Facebook and Stacey made us this helpful short url for the page, Owen made a sweet Flash intro for the show and once Final Cut comes in (hopefully tomorrow) I will see how it looks with the show’s footage. It’s hilarious, I love it. I can’t wait to learn my way around Final Cut Express and I wish it was here already, grrr. My dad encouraged me to enter a film festival in Marietta, near my hometown. Since “The Candidate” wasn’t done I submitted a DVD of “Paper Cuts”. The festival had two categories: under 50 minutes, and over 50 minutes. It said nothing about entering a web series, but I decided to enter it in the former category. We’ll see what happens.