Things I don’t have time to do

  1. Laundry — I’ve worn this skirt twice this week. I have no shame;
  2. Sell the books and movies I don’t want to move to Half Price Books;
  3. Pick up my reserved books at the library, much less read them;
  4. Trouble shoot my stupid Final Cut conundrum;
  5. Buy groceries or consume any meal that isn’t in a frozen package / from a drive through window;
  6. Pick up the new glasses and contacts I ordered from optometrist in Zanesville;
  7. Blog. I posted once last week. Once. I thought my family was going to send out a search party.

Part of this is the fact that I commit to too much and have trouble saying no to people. Case in point, I’m driving to Zanesville tonight (after my eye doctor’s office is closed, naturally) to have a piece of pie at Tee Jay’s with my friend Randy, who lives in Alaska and is only here until Saturday morning. I love Randy and I love pie, but I feel silly complaining about not having enough time while gleefully agreeing to dessert an hour away. On the other hand, how often does he come back from Alaska? It’s usually only once in the summer and for Christmas so this is almost like a special “before Meryl moves to Chicago” kind of visit.

I will be so glad to have that week and half between leaving my job and driving to Chicago. Also, I’ll have one vacation day after my NYC trip and going back to work.

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m going to New York next week? No? That’s probably because I’ve been TOO BUSY TO REMEMBER IT MYSELF. Christine and I are taking a trip there, leaving Thursday night and coming back very early Tuesday morning. See, when you drive through the night it cuts down on your hotel costs. Isn’t that a genius plan? Surely we are the first to ever think of it and it will in no way backfire and leave us zombified in Times Square come Friday morning.

Our agenda:

Thursday after work: Drive!
Friday: Check into motel. Nap. Shower. Explore NYC!
Saturday: Meet up with two of Christine’s New Jersey friends. Concert that night.
Sunday: Tour 30 Rockefeller Center! Museums. More exploring.
Monday: Hockey game that Christine is very pumped for and I am mostly clueless about. This is the definition of friendship. After the game we’ll drive back on home, arriving some time Tuesday morning.

I’ll have Wednesday off to recover and hopefully do many of the things on the above list. We’ll see.

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