Snarky Facebook Thoughts

I would rather not be tagged than tagged in a photo you took of me. If it’s an uggo photo, I’m going to untag it to because I am super vain. And probably so are you, because you post photos on Facebook.

I probably only comment on the statuses of the same eight to ten people.

If you post something obnoxiously religious and/or racist, I’ll probably never forget you did, no matter how much I want to.

The word “hubby” is stupid.

I don’t look too closely at people’s names when I read my news feed and often get people mixed up. If your name is Jessica you better hope I don’t have another friend named Jessica with your same last initial. This leads to confusing thoughts like, “When did this person have a kid?”

The same goes for people with very similar, tiny profile pictures.

IΒ  don’t care THAT much about your babies or their poop…

…Unless it’s my niece. And even then I’d be wary about the poop thing. Luckily my brother and sister-in-law spare their Facebook friends.

STATUSES IN ALL CAPS ARE SUPER ANNOYING unless they are done so ironically.

Your profile picture should be of yourself, not your dog/infant/inanimate object. Otherwise, between that and your married name, how will I be able to realize I went to high school with you and reject your friend request? Not helpful, guys. Just saying.


7 thoughts on “Snarky Facebook Thoughts

  1. Love the last one.
    Mike and I vowed when I was pregnant we would never feature ONLY Miles as our profile pic. Drives us nuts.

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