Last day of work

People sure are nice to you when they know you are leaving! If you are having a rough week at work, my advice to you is to tell everyone you are quitting in the distant future (be vague) and your co-workers will treat you awesomely for a while. Until they start asking questions, but never mind that part. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Surprise! Now you have lots more to clean out of your office!

My two good friends at work snuck into my office last night and decorated it so I had a really awesome, balloony surprise when I walked in this morning. Then I got pizza with my department, and my boss presented me with a company mug and sweat shirt. Because apparently, Chicago gets cold? What? Stacey made me a really awesome art piece that I will post a photo of later, and another lady in my department made me a beautiful necklace. I’ve decided I enjoy working with crafty ladies.

Last night I had a going away party for myself at the Franklin Park Conservatory and a bunch of my friends came out for that. I am bad at goodbyes, so that and my last day at work were kind of hard. But everyone seems so happy for me and optimistic, so that makes it easier.

I am really getting excited about the idea of the drive itself, going to Chicago alone. I burned myself a CD to listen to on the way today. Plus, I’ve gotten a lot of response from a Facebook request I made last week for people to burn me mix CDs instead of get me going away gifts. I think I am going to try to get a copy of my mix to the people who took the time to make CDs for me.

9 days and counting!