Meryl’s Chicago Playlist

This is the playlist I made for my friends who burned me mix CDs for my trip. It’s the songs I’ve been listening to now as I get ready for this big step. It’s full of songs about heart break but also about new beginnings and starting over, moving on. The CDs keep coming in and I now am sure I have more music to listen to than I have hours on the road to Chicago. A dilemma! But rest assured, all will be listened to, over and over.

The thing I love about these mix CDs is that almost all of them are comprised of half songs I already know and half I’ve never heard of. Which is about all I could hope for. I like the familiarity of the song choices, but I like the “new to me” quality of some of them, as well.

  1. “Chicago,” Sufjan Stevens
  2. “Fresh Feeling,” the Eels
  3. “Clean Getaway,” Maria Taylor
  4. “For No One,” the Beatles
  5. “Unwritten,” Natasha Bedingfield
  6. “Motorcycle Drive By,” Third Eye Blind
  7. “Boston,” Augustana
  8. “Homesick,” Kings of Convenience
  9. “One Fast Move Or I’m Gone,” Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar
  10. “Your Next Bold Move,” Ani DiFranco
  11. “Welcome Home,” Radical Face
  12. “Pictures of Success,” Rilo Kiley
  13. “Come Downstairs and Say Hello,” Guster
  14. “Brothers on a Hotel Bed,” Death Cab for Cutie
  15. “America,” Simon & Garfunkel
  16. “Can’t Go Back Now,” the Weepies
  17. “Long Time Traveler,” the Wailin’ Jennies
  18. “Across the Universe,” Rufus Wainwright

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