Blogging from the home of the golden arches

So far today, I’ve gone through boxes, applied for a few new video production jobs and e-mailed a handful of potential new Roscoe Village roommates. I’ve made an office out of Caldwell’s one wifi hot spot (to my knowledge): McDonald’s. I feel like a mooch, getting a medium coffee and sitting in the same booth for a couple hours, but what can I do?

I’ve got to see a lot of people this week, including an old high school friend who now lives in Zanesville and works at a TV station, and another high school buddy who is now on his way to becoming a physician’s assistant. It’s great to catch up with people and it occurs to me not everyone still has this kind of network with people they went to school with more than six years after graduation. Maybe Caldwell High School did us more favors than I suspected?

It’s funny I spent my whole life trying to get out of this town and now that I’m leaving the state, I’m feeling all mushy and doe-eyed about the place.

I stopped by a hotel I used to work at and asked for my old boss, the head of housekeeping. She’s not there anymore, but the assistant general manager agreed to give me a reference for when I start applying at hotels. She also suggested I check out job listings on and see if there are any marketing gigs open, which sure hadn’t occured to me. I am not sure how I feel about marketing or if I am qualified for the field, but I am in no position to be picky.

Tomorrow my dad and I are going to visit my grandpa and attend a meeting of my dad’s writers’ group. On Friday I might be going to get more stuff from Columbus, but I also really want to spend time with Caldwell folks. Saturday’s my going away party, and I’m staying Sunday night at my aunt’s before heading out. FOREVER. Just kidding.

I’ll be back.