Less exploring. More screen time.

Today has been a million times better than yesterday. I stopped by some places on State Street and instead of being discouraged by the now typical “apply online” routine, I dealt with it and sat in a Starbucks for several hours. I have applied at many jobs at Macy’s, Old Navy and Gap and one hotel. The new Trump hotel has a very, very easy application process, to its credit. Mariott, however, does not. I have yet to pick back up last night’s browser-crashing application.

Macy’s is already partially decorated for Christmas. I think it would be nice to work at a place where it is Christmas time for a quarter of the year. Or at least, it would be nice to be a seasonal worker during that time.

Update: I’ve already been rejected for one of the Macy’s jobs! Let the tallying begin.

I e-mailed some people my uncle knows in the area as well as the man who interviewed me for the TV job last month. While he didn’t hire me, he told me to look him up once I was living in the city and settled to see if there was an opening at that time. That time is now, so we’ll see. That TV show’s supposed to start in a little over two weeks, and I doubt there’s an opening, but we’ll see. He seemed like a really interesting person.

I have an apt. appt. Saturday morning for a room in a Roscoe Village house owned by a middle-aged couple who has a couple rooms they like to rent out. It sounds like people who have stayed in the past are usually only there for a few months for various reasons, whether they’re foreign exchange students, people working temporary jobs in Chicago and don’t want to move permanently, etc. Best of all, the woman I spoke to didn’t run away when I said I’d been in town two days and don’t have a job.

Yesterday was a bit of a hurdle, but also I was feeling pitiful and sorry for myself. So, even though it’s over and done, here are some good things about yesterday:

  • It wasn’t raining.
  • I saw a group of filmmakers shooting something elaborate looking by the river. “Transformers 3”? I doubt it. But still.
  • I did not get run over by a bus.
  • Two people asked me for directions. Too bad for them I was utterly useless, but at least I looked like a native?
  • I discovered I like Einstein Bros. Bagels and there are lots of those here.

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