Half of my problems are solved

I know it’s soon, but I’ve met someone, you guys — and she’s fantastic. (Aaand that’s how you get record blog hits for the month of October. That, and picking up your mess of a life for all the world to see, moving it to unfamiliar territory and promptly whining about how hard it is).

Last night, after my now standard six-to-eight hour shift of bumming Starbucks wifi and job hunting, I met up with a woman who’d replied to me via Craigslist about a room in her home she’s renting. She asked that we meet up somewhere in public before I see the place, and I agreed. She gave me an address for a bar called Tuman’s and we met up around 4:30. I can’t tell you why, but I liked her right away. She figured out within minutes that, a, I had only been in town for a few days, b, I was unemployed but stupidly optimistic, and c, had no clue where I was.

She was very easy to talk to. She has a glowing sense of humor, admittedly sardonic at times, and full of wit. And when she asked why I decided to move to Chicago, I hesitated, but ended up telling her about breaking up with Brandon and basically going against everything I thought I knew about my life. It turns out she is going through kind of a rough time right now too, so we could really relate to each other on that level. Before long, we were talking about growing up in small towns, getting out of said small towns, our oldest friends, music, even our dead parents.

She told me she had been reluctant to email me back about the place because I am a few years younger than she is. “But it’s weird, even though you’re 24, you don’t annoy me at all,” she said. I thanked her. I told her even if I didn’t end up living at her house, I was really glad I met her.

We ended up talking for three hours last night, and we are meeting up again tonight. I get to see the house (and Roscoe Village, yay!) and meet her other roommate and some of her friends. It turns out she knows a couple people in both TV/film and public relations, which is random and awesome.

We really hit it off, and she ended up offering me the vacant spot. I think I’ll be moving there soon, which is a crazy relief and something I am really pumped about. I have an appointment Saturday morning to see a house with that middle-aged couple, but I am thinking about canceling. If I already know I want to live elsewhere, it’s probably a waste of their time.

Tomorrow night, I am going to an OSU bar with Liz, a mutual friend of Eileen and me. She lives and works in Evanston, but she told me about this bar months ago. I must be just homesick enough that this sounds like a great idea. I guess enough people have migrated from Columbus to here, and you can go there on game days and it’s just like Lane Avenue. This is ironic on many levels, since I never once went to Lane Avenue on game day when I lived blocks away, and now here I am acting like an OSU bar is some kind of home away from home. It should be fun, though.

Anyway, I’ve got agonizing job applications to fill out. But things is looking up.

2 thoughts on “Half of my problems are solved

  1. hey sugar.

    don’t worry, i did the same thing re: osu- i would watch saturday games on tv and be like “that’s ohio…” but then reclaimed my distaste when i came back. 🙂

    sounds like you’ve had a successful first week. awesome!

    and i feel the same way- you are just a babe compared to my advanced age, but you are totally not annoying 🙂

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