I would like some health insurance, please

My health insurance through work ran out on Halloween. Before and since then, I have found myself plagued by phantom symptoms, sympathy pains, feigned medical maladies and a cavity that apparently “went away” after a day. Or at least after I forgot about it.

Being legitimately ill this past week has not helped this paranoia. The other night I dreamed my appendix burst. It can happen at any time you guys! Last night, I dreamed I gashed my leg open from thigh to ankle in a freak ice skating accident. Slightly less likely, maybe, but as far as I can tell these health related fears are only getting worse.

I am NOT going ice skating for anyone until I have a job. Goodness.

The other very realistic medical issue I am facing is one of my hearing aids crapping out. But lucky for me, those have never been covered by insurance anyway.

3 thoughts on “I would like some health insurance, please

  1. Wow, your dreams are as good as my crazy pregnant woman dreams. I dreamed that I didn’t get to take my baby home from the hospital because I couldn’t pass the “good mother” test so my baby got given away to a couple who could.

    • Oh you poor thing! I am sure there will be more to come. Can’t wait to hear about your crazy ride of pregnancy. And be glad for YOUR insurance because that would one big medical bill. I can predict my next anxiety dream now, thanks. 😉

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