A New Year’s Visit

Caldwell buddies Nathan and Randy made the drive to see me last week to ring in 2011 an hour later than those in Ohio did. That’s right, we had 2010 for sixty more minutes! Be jealous.

They got here Thursday night and we went out Friday morning to see Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile. This key Chicago tourist area has become a little less exciting for me since I go there every day for work, but being there and NOT having to work was pretty awesome. It was in the low 50s all day but it was also pouring down rain. After a couple hours of window shopping in the downpour we gave up and went to see “Black Swan” and attempted to dry off.

That morning we went to the Signature Room, a bar on the 96th floor of the Hancock building, but it was too foggy to see down below.

Nathan got a $7 Coke

One's drink should match one's hoodie

The next day, the rain stopped but the temperature also dropped about 25 degrees. We took the Belmont bus back to the redline and took a Michigan Avenue bus down to see the bean. They were pretty impressed by Millennium Park, and we walked along State Street before taking the red line back. We took a Clark Street bus to the zoo to see the zoo lights and had a crazy time just trying to find the entrance. It was freezing and windy and Nathan didn’t have a hat or gloves. Randy seemed pretty unfazed, but then again, kid lived in Alaska for three years.

I'm the one in the yellow rainboots

Millennium Park, New Year's Day

The next morning we got breakfast near Michigan Avenue and the guys left around 1. It was nice to have company.

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